ABLAZE Bud Bin Tray: Micron Trays, Sifter Sieve, Pollen & Trimming

Australia’s vast landscape has always had a niche market for efficient and high-quality trimming solutions. The ABLAZE Bud Bin Tray has been designed to fill that gap. This product, enriched with Micron trays, makes the process of pollen collection effortless. Moreover, the sifter sieve ensures a finer filter, ensuring only the purest pollen gets through.

The trimmer functionality not only enhances the speed of trimming but also ensures minimal wastage. ABLAZE ensures durability and longevity, making it a choice for many.


Micron Trays: Advanced filtration for cleaner pollen.
Sifter Sieve: Ensures a refined and purer collection.
Pollen Collection: Effortless collection without waste.
Trimming Functionality: Speedy, efficient, and minimal wastage.

Using the ABLAZE Bud Bin Tray is a step towards perfection. Its design and functionality cater to both amateur enthusiasts and professionals. With this tray, there’s a guarantee of quality and efficiency.