Ann Clark’s USA Set: Palm Tree, Beach & Flip Flop Cookie Cutter

When you think about the beach, a cascade of images might flood your mind: the sun, sand, waves, and of course, palm trees. And who could forget the quintessential beach footwear, the flip flop? For many, these symbols are synonymous with relaxation and vacation.

Now, imagine bringing this summer magic into your kitchen. Ann Clark’s USA set offers precisely this experience. Each piece in the set, from the palm tree to the beach-themed cookie cutters, has been designed with meticulous attention to detail. It’s not just about cutting cookie dough; it’s about crafting an edible masterpiece.

The centrepiece of the set has to be the flip flop and the palm tree. The former, a reminder of footprints on sandy shores, and the latter, an emblem of tropical paradise. Accompanying these is the sunglasses cutter, adding a touch of style to your baking repertoire.