Artisan Baking Essentials: Superb Banneton Basket, Sourdough & Bread Proofing Kit

Our Artisan Baking Kit is designed with passion for those devoted to the art of baking. This kit encompasses a high-quality Banneton basket, essential for providing your dough the ideal shape and pattern. The basket assists in forming a beautiful crust by wicking moisture from the crust. The use of sourdough starters in our kit offers an unrivalled, complex flavour to your bread, a taste cherished by bread connoisseurs across the globe.

In addition to these, our kit equips you with essential tools for bread making. These tools are designed for longevity and optimal functionality, adding convenience to your baking routine. Whether you’re an experienced baker or just starting your baking journey, this kit is your companion in crafting delectable homemade bread.

The power of a perfectly risen loaf lies in the process of proofing. This kit equips you with a proofing set, assisting in achieving a lofty rise and open crumb. The essential tools provided contribute to the creation of an artisan loaf right at your home.

Incorporating these tools in your baking routine is a straightforward process. Our kit aids in enriching your baking experience, empowering you to create artisanal quality bread at home. Unleash your passion for baking with this comprehensive kit, an exceptional gift for any baking enthusiast.