Australian-Made Jumbo Cupcake Liners, Odourless and Greaseproof, Ideal for Birthday Celebrations

These jumbo cupcake liners are designed with Australian bakers in mind. Made from food-grade, odourless material, they prevent any unwanted scents from seeping into your culinary creations. What’s more, the greaseproof nature of the liners ensures that the moistness and texture of your bakes are preserved, preventing any leakage or sogginess.

Perfectly suited for birthday parties, these jumbo liners can hold larger muffins and cupcakes, adding a touch of grandeur to the event. Their increased capacity allows for additional creativity, letting you experiment with different fillings and flavours. They also bring an element of convenience, reducing the need for cleaning up post-baking.

The cupcake liners are packed in a count, making them a worthwhile investment for frequent bakers. You can be assured of their quality and safety, as they’re manufactured to stringent food-grade standards.