Baby Shower Set: Onesie, Bib, Carriage, Bottle, Cookie Cutters

Gifting for a baby shower can sometimes be a daunting task. You want to ensure the present is both functional and memorable. Our set achieves this balance, with essentials that every new parent will appreciate.
Onesie: A soft, comfy onesie is a must-have for any bub. Not only does it keep the little one snug, but it’s also convenient for quick changes.
Bib: Babies are messy – that’s a given! Our bib is designed to catch those spills and dribbles, ensuring less mess and more smiles.
Carriage: It’s an iconic symbol for babies. While not an actual carriage, this item within our set captures its essence.
Bottle: Feeding time is a significant part of baby’s day. Our bottle design ensures easy grip and minimal fuss.
Cookie Cutters: Make memories in the kitchen with baby-themed cookie cutters. Perfect for creating treats for the shower or any other celebration.

This combination of items, carefully chosen for quality and appeal, ensures that both baby and parents are in for a treat.