Bamboo Steamer Liner: Perforated Baking Pack for Air Fryer and Dumpling Baskets

Harness the versatility of our Perforated Bamboo Steamer Liner, designed specifically for baking and dumpling preparations. This pack’s unique design, brimming with small holes, ensures heat is distributed evenly, promising your baked goods or dumplings are cooked to perfection.

Constructed from robust bamboo, the liners are an eco-friendly alternative, reinforcing your commitment to sustainability while providing unrivalled results. These air fryer liners offer compatibility with numerous models, making them a versatile choice for any culinary enthusiast.

Additionally, the pack’s thoughtful design facilitates hassle-free clean-up, saving you from the daunting task of scrubbing your air fryer basket or dumpling steamer post-cooking. Experience a cooking regime that is not just efficient, but also eco-conscious and convenient.