Bamboo Steamer Perforated Liners: Parchment Set for Air Fryer & Basket Steaming

Bamboo steamers have long been a hallmark of authentic Asian cooking, delivering dishes rich in flavour and nutrients. Introducing perforated liners, an accessory that elevates the steaming process. Not only do they fit perfectly into bamboo steamers, but they’re also suitable for modern air fryers.

Why use perforated liners?

No Stick, No Mess: Save your steamers and fryers from food residue. These liners ensure your dishes don’t stick, making clean-up a breeze.
Even Cooking: The perforations allow steam and heat to circulate effectively, ensuring food cooks evenly.
Maintains Flavour: They keep your food directly off the bamboo or fryer mesh, preserving the original flavours without them seeping out.

So, whether you’re prepping dim sums, vegetables, or any delicacy, these liners guarantee a seamless cooking experience.