Checkered Waxed Sheets: A Unique Approach to Deli Paper & Sandwich Liners

Checkered Waxed Sheets reinvent the way you present food. Whether it’s for a bustling deli or a quiet home meal, these sheets provide an effective solution. They serve as dry liners for sandwiches, keeping your meal fresh without compromising the flavour.

You can also use them for special wrapping of bread. The sheets ensure your bread stays fresh for longer and adds an elegant touch to its presentation. With its distinctive checkered pattern, it lends a classic touch to your food presentation.

What sets these sheets apart is their suitability for use in plastic food baskets. Instead of resorting to plain, everyday wrappers, Checkered Waxed Sheets make your food basket stand out. Be it a picnic or a restaurant meal, these sheets are perfect for making a lasting impression.