Clark Ann USA Cutter: Crafting Circle Biscuits

Using a cookie cutter, particularly the Clark Ann USA Cutter, ensures uniformity in size and shape, delivering not just aesthetic appeal but also even baking. Circle biscuits, commonly known in the USA as cookies, hold a special place in many homes. Their simple shape makes for a versatile canvas, suitable for numerous flavours and decorations.
Choosing Your Dough: While any biscuit or cookie dough works with the Clark Ann USA Cutter, opt for ones that don’t spread too much during baking to maintain the circle shape.
Flouring the Cutter: To ensure a clean cut and prevent sticking, lightly dust the cutter with flour before each use.
Even Thickness: Rolling the dough to an even thickness ensures all your biscuits bake at the same rate. Aim for about a quarter-inch for most recipes.
Baking Tips: Preheat your oven, and always place biscuits on a cooled baking tray. This helps in achieving a uniform bake.

Lastly, don’t forget the fun part: decorating! Once cooled, these circle biscuits can be iced, glazed, or adorned with various toppings to suit any occasion or craving.