Complete Kit for Sourdough Bread Preparation: Starter Jar, Marked Band, Thermometer, Scraper, Cover

Getting started with sourdough baking is made simple with our complete Sourdough Bread Preparation Kit. Each component is designed to streamline the process, ensuring you can focus on crafting your perfect loaf.

Firstly, the Starter Jar is your sourdough’s new home. This sturdy jar provides a safe and hygienic space for your starter to thrive.

The Date Marked Feeding Band then comes into play. It assists in keeping track of feeding times, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring your starter is always well-fed and ready to bake.

Temperature can make or break your sourdough. Our Thermometer is designed to offer accurate readings, aiding you in maintaining the ideal environment for your sourdough starter.

A Scraper is a baker’s best friend. It helps in handling the dough, ensuring a clean, neat process.

Lastly, our Sewn Cloth Cover adds the finishing touch. It protects your starter from contaminants while allowing it to breathe, promoting healthy fermentation.

The Sourdough Bread Preparation Kit simplifies baking and helps you master the art of sourdough. So why wait? Embrace the baking journey today!