Complete Speedball Linocut Kit: Blades, Linoleum Cutter, Printing Block and Carving Tools

Linocut printing, a popular printmaking technique, holds a vast canvas of creative possibilities. Our Speedball Linocut Kit is curated to provide every tool necessary to explore this medium in depth. The kit includes a range of sturdy blades, a reliable linoleum cutter, a printing block and versatile carving tools.

The linoleum cutter, with its sharp and resilient blade, allows for precise cuts, empowering you to make intricate designs with ease. The variety of blades included ensures that you’re prepared for any cutting task, from broad strokes to the finest details.

The printing block is the heart of this art form. It offers a flat, smooth surface perfect for your custom designs. Carving tools, made from high-quality materials, allow for fine detailing and accuracy. They’re designed for comfort and control, ensuring hours of pain-free creation.

Remember, the beauty of linocut printing is that it is as complex or as straightforward as you want it to be. Whether you’re a budding artist dipping your toes in or a seasoned printmaker expanding your toolkit, our Speedball Linocut Kit is the perfect companion on your artistic journey.