Deli Picnic Sheets: Black & White Checkered Wax Paper by NATURALABEL

NATURALABEL’s Deli Picnic Sheets are more than just wax papers. With their vintage black and white checkered design, they encapsulate the essence of classic picnic times and retro diners. Designed to be greaseproof, they serve as the perfect barrier between delicious, moist foods and their serving platforms, ensuring there’s no unsightly oil marks or wet patches. These sheets are versatile, proving useful not only for delis or picnics but also for rave parties, BBQs, and various events where food presentation matters. Furthermore, their quality speaks for itself, promising durability and reliability for users.

Key Features:

Greaseproof Design: No more oily spots or sogginess. Your food stays pristine.
Checkered Charm: Adds a nostalgic touch to any food presentation.
Versatile Usage: From BBQs, delis, picnics, to rave parties – these sheets fit in everywhere.