Disposable Kraft Brown French Fries Cup Holder: Cups Paper Pack oz Suitable for Baking and Frozen Desserts?

Kraft paper products have gained immense popularity due to their sustainable nature. These disposable brown French fries cup holders are no exception. Manufactured from high-quality kraft paper, they are a reliable option for catering events, parties, and even everyday use.

The cups come in a suitable pack size, ensuring you never run short during large events. Their ounce capacity ensures that the portion size is perfect, eliminating the need for refills too soon. But the real question many have: can these cups handle more than just fries?

The design doesn’t just limit these cups to serving French fries. They are equally competent for holding frozen desserts. Imagine serving a delightful scoop of ice cream or a chilled fruit salad in these eco-friendly cups. Moreover, they can be utilised in baking. Pour your batter in and pop them into the oven to bake delightful muffins or cupcakes.