Disposable Liners for Philips, Vortex, COSORI Air Fryers – Non-Stick, Square Paper Liners

For a hassle-free cooking experience, these air fryer liners are the perfect accessory. Their primary function is to ensure an even heat distribution which not only improves the quality of your food but also decreases cooking time. These disposable liners also make the cleanup process a breeze. Rather than having to wash the fryer pot after each use, simply remove the liner and discard it.

They’re designed to fit in various fryer models like Philips, Instant Vortex and COSORI, enhancing their versatility. Moreover, their non-stick feature prevents food from adhering to the liner’s surface, ensuring that every bit of your delicious meal ends up on your plate and not stuck to the liner. Their square design ensures efficient use of space within your air fryer.

Embrace these disposable liners and witness a new level of convenience in your kitchen. Cooking and cleaning up have never been this effortless.