DIY Sandwich & Pancake Shapes: Bread Decruster & Bento Cutter for Kids?

Moulding your food into creative shapes isn’t just for the elite chefs of the culinary world. Now, with the DIY Sandwich & Pancake Shapes set, every meal can be transformed into a delightful presentation. Here’s a look into the exciting features:

Bread Decruster: Remove those crusty edges seamlessly. Perfect for kids who aren’t fond of crusts or when you’re aiming for a neat presentation.

Sandwich Cutter & Sealer: Why have plain square sandwiches when you can shape them? Plus, with the sealing feature, keep those fillings intact, ensuring a mess-free bite every time.

Pancake Maker: Breakfast need not be dull. Shape pancakes into fun forms that are too good to eat.

DIY Cookie Cutters: Cookies, always a treat, can now be customised into various shapes, making them even more appealing.

Bento Creations: The Japanese art of making bento boxes becomes simpler. Craft eye-catching meals for kids, making lunchtime an exciting affair.

With this versatile set, each meal can be an artistic expression, bringing smiles to not just children, but adults too.