How to Use Mini Geometric Shaped Biscuit Cutters? | Rectangle, Square, Heart, Triangle & More

Biscuit and cookie baking has always been a favourite pastime for many. With the right tools, it’s not only fun but also a means to express creativity. Here’s how to best use the mini geometric shaped biscuit cutters:

Choosing the Dough: Opt for a firm biscuit or cookie dough that can hold its shape once cut. This ensures that the intricate designs of your geometric shapes are preserved during baking.

Rolling the Dough: Ensure that the dough is evenly rolled out, aiming for a consistent thickness. This ensures uniform baking and better shaping.

Using the Cutter: Press the cutter firmly onto the rolled dough. Make sure to press straight down without any tilting to get a clean-cut shape.

Placement on Baking Tray: Once cut, gently lift the shapes using a spatula and place them on a baking tray. Ensure there’s ample space between each shape to allow for any potential spreading during baking.

Baking: Follow the instructions specific to your biscuit or cookie recipe. Monitor the first batch to gauge the exact baking time needed for the specific thickness and size of your shapes.

Decoration: Once baked and cooled, decorate using icing, chocolate, or any other favourite toppings. These geometric shapes provide an ideal canvas for creative decoration.