How to Use Wilton’s Double Fondant Nesting Piece with Cut Sides?

The Wilton’s double fondant nesting piece with cut sides stands out due to its precision and capability in the realm of cake decoration. Made to produce two-tone effects, this tool ensures that your cakes not only taste divine but look exceptional.

How to Use the Tool:

Prepare the Fondant: Firstly, roll out two fondant colours of your choice.
Placement: Place the cutter over the fondant and apply even pressure to ensure a clean cut.
Release: After cutting, gently release the fondant piece, ensuring no rough edges.
Position on Cake: Carefully place the cut out fondant on the cake, using a bit of water or edible glue to make it stick.

The cut sides on the tool allow for a snug fit, ensuring that the patterns sit perfectly on your cake without any overlap or gaps.


Achieve a professional look with ease.
Suitable for various occasions – be it birthdays, anniversaries or just because.


Ensure your fondant is rolled out evenly.
Clean the cutter after every use to maintain its sharpness.