Is Your Cooking Rack Oven-Safe? Heavy-Duty Drying & Grilling Explained

The right cooking rack serves multiple purposes. Be it baking a batch of your favourite biscuits, grilling a succulent piece of meat, or even letting your freshly baked cake cool; a sturdy rack plays an essential role. Here are some key points to consider when selecting a cooking rack:

Thickness of Wire: A thick wire ensures longevity and can bear the weight of heavier dishes without bending or warping.
Oven and Grill Safe: Not every rack is designed to endure the high temperatures of ovens or grills. It’s crucial to choose one that won’t deteriorate or release harmful substances when heated.
Drying and Cooling Efficiency: A good rack allows for air circulation from all sides, ensuring even cooling or drying of food items.

Investing in a heavy-duty rack is not just about durability. It’s about ensuring consistent cooking results, every time.