Kids’ Sandwich & Fruit Cutter Set: Bento Box Shapes, Heart, Star, Dinosaur & More

In the world of culinary art, there’s something enchantingly engaging about using various shapes and designs. With this set, not only do kids become acquainted with different geometric forms, but they also get the chance to learn basic food preparation skills. The Cutters Set includes shapes like Box, Heart, Star, Dinosaur, and Circle. These can be used on sandwiches, vegetables, or fruits, allowing for a wide variety of creative meal options.

A decruster and sealer are also included in the set, enhancing the experience. The decruster lets you effortlessly remove unwanted crusts, while the sealer helps lock in delicious fillings. The FIRETREESILVERFLOWER cutter set turns meal preparation into a creative, joyful experience for children and adults alike.