Mat Set and Stainless Steel Roller for Baking Pastry, Red Cookie Pins with Adjustable Rings

Unearth the joy of baking with our inclusive set, featuring an expertly designed mat and a stainless steel dough roller. With this comprehensive set, you can take full control over your baking process. The adjustable thickness rings ensure precision while rolling out your dough, offering results similar to those in professional bakeries.

The pastry baking mat is not just a surface to work on, but it also helps to keep your workspace clean, reducing the need for excessive clean-up post-baking. Moreover, the appealing red cookie pins add a splash of colour to your kitchen and make the process more enjoyable.

The stainless steel dough roller is robust, built to last, and easy to clean. It provides a smooth and consistent roll every time, creating uniform dough for optimal baking. With this set in your kitchen, baking becomes a stress-free, delightful activity.