No-Stick Airfryer Liners – Disposable Square Parchment for Easy Roasting & Frying

Our parchment airfryer liners serve as an essential accessory for any kitchen. These liners are perfect for microwave roasting and frying, ensuring your food doesn’t stick to the bottom of your cooking pan. The square shape of the liners provides ample space for your meals, and their flexibility makes them a perfect fit for various QT frying sizes.

The liners are disposable, which offers a quick and easy clean-up process after cooking. No more scraping off food residues or soaking pans overnight. Just remove the liner, and your pan is ready for the next use.

The no-stick feature of these liners not only makes cleaning a breeze but also contributes to healthier cooking. Less oil or fat is needed to prevent food from sticking, thus resulting in lower calorie and fat content in your meals.

Moreover, these liners are made from parchment paper, a material known for its heat-resistant and non-toxic properties. You can safely use them in your microwave or airfryer without worrying about any potential health risks.