Oil-Resistant Disposable Parchment Liners for Air Fryer: Suitable for Qt Baskets

Our parchment air fryer liners are not just disposable; they’re also incredibly effective. They fit perfectly into qt-sized baskets, preventing food from sticking to your air fryer. They’re made from natural, food-grade paper that doesn’t alter the taste of your food. Thanks to their oil-resistant properties, these liners keep the basket clean, thereby saving you cleaning time post-cooking.

Furthermore, they offer flexibility. Whether you’re cooking fries, chicken, or even baking a cake, these liners ensure your food slides right off the basket. The result? No more scraping off burnt food stuck to the bottom of your basket. Moreover, they are designed to be heat-resistant and can sustain high temperatures that air fryers operate at.

Keep in mind, these parchment liners are disposable, meaning no more excessive scrubbing or soaking your basket after every use. Simply remove the liner, dispose of it, and your air fryer is ready for the next cooking session. They’re a fantastic accessory to have in any kitchen. Enhance your air frying experience with these parchment liners now!