Paper Liners for Qt Fryer: Bleach-Free, Inch Square, Food-Safe, Disposable

Are you looking for a fuss-free method of keeping your Qt Fryer clean? These disposable paper liners are designed just for that. Sized as inch squares, they’re a perfect fit for your fryer basket. But what sets these liners apart from others?

For starters, they’re bleach-free. This means they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that could potentially seep into your food, assuring you of a safe, healthy cooking experience.

Next, they’re disposable. Just use them once and toss them out, cutting down on cleaning time and making your fryer easier to maintain.

Plus, they’re capable of withstanding intense heat, acting as an effective barrier between your food and the fryer. This way, you’ll find your fryer basket looking as good as new, every time you cook.