PetriStor Russian Mould Set: Assorted Aluminium Tool for Cookie and Pastry Baking

Meet your new baking companion – PetriStor Russian Mould Set. Precision-engineered from durable aluminium, these moulds ensure a clean cut, forming exquisite cookies and pastries. The assorted selection provides endless design possibilities, transforming your kitchen into a creative bakery.

Each mould is easy to handle, user-friendly, making it a superb tool for both amateur bakers and professionals alike. Plus, cleaning up after your baking session is as breezy as a piece of cake! Simply give them a quick rinse, and they’re ready for your next culinary adventure.

In this set, you will discover an assortment of cookie markers. Explore the vast variety of shapes and let your imagination run wild. These markers not only make your baking more fun but also add a unique touch to your pastries and cookies. So, whether it’s a festive occasion or a casual weekend baking session, the PetriStor Russian Mould Set is your reliable partner.