Proofing Banneton Set for Sourdough Bread Baking: Fermentation Basket, Dough Scraper, Lame

This proofing banneton set is the perfect choice for those passionate about baking homemade sourdough bread. The fermentation basket, crafted from high-quality cane, not only gives your loaf its distinctive shape, but also ensures a perfect environment for the dough to rise evenly. Furthermore, the oval design of the basket provides flexibility, allowing you to bake a range of different sized loaves.

Included in the set is a sturdy dough scraper, vital for effectively handling and shaping your dough. With its robust construction, it helps to manipulate the dough without tearing it, ensuring a smooth surface for your loaf.

The set also features a lame, a specialised tool used to score the surface of the bread dough before baking. Scoring is an essential step in baking, as it allows the bread to expand during baking without cracking.

This all-inclusive set is perfect for beginners looking to explore the world of sourdough bread baking, as well as experienced bakers looking for a reliable and durable set of tools. It promises a combination of functionality, quality, and value that can help take your baking to the next level.