Rainbow Coloured Disposable Liners: Muffin & Cupcake by STARUBY

When it comes to baking, presentation plays a crucial role. STARUBY understands this and brings to you its exclusive range of Rainbow Coloured Disposable Liners. Suitable for both muffins and cupcakes, these liners ensure an even bake while showcasing your baked goods in a spectrum of colours. Be it a kid’s party, a festive occasion, or just a regular day, elevate your baking game with these vibrant liners.


Vibrant Palette: A mix of hues ensures each dessert stands out.
Easy-to-use: Designed for convenience, simply pour your batter and bake.
Versatile: Whether it’s a muffin or a cupcake, they fit the purpose.
Quality Material: Made of premium paper, they’re safe for baking and ensure a non-stick experience.

With STARUBY, make every dessert a visual treat!