Unbleached, Non-Stick Oil, Square Air Fryer Liners, Parchment-Proof, Disposable Paper

When it comes to hassle-free cooking, nothing beats these Square Air Fryer Liners. Crafted with care, these liners are not only durable but also eco-friendly. The unbleached material prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into your food, providing a safer cooking environment.

Designed to keep your air fryer clean, they effectively prevent food from sticking to the bottom of your fryer. Thanks to their oil-resistant nature, these liners guarantee an easy clean-up process after you’ve finished cooking your favourite meals.

Coming in a generous pack size, they offer long-lasting convenience, making them an ideal addition to your kitchen. Say goodbye to the struggles of cleaning sticky, greasy air fryers, and welcome the ease these liners introduce into your life.