Using Chef’s Culinary Parchment Paper for Cooking Bags: How Does It Work?

Culinary parchment paper, also known as baking paper or cooking paper, is a greaseproof, heat-resistant paper that’s perfect for oven baking. When transformed into cooking bags, this paper provides an environment where the food can steam in its juices. This method retains moisture, ensuring that dishes like fish, chicken, and vegetables remain tender and juicy.

Using parchment paper bags for cooking has several advantages:

Flavour Preservation: The sealed environment traps all the flavours, enhancing the taste of the dish.
Nutrient Retention: Less nutrients are lost compared to open methods like roasting or grilling.
Ease of Use: Simply place ingredients inside, fold to seal, and bake.
Less Mess: No sticky pans or dishes to scrub afterwards.

However, like all tools, it’s crucial to understand its limitations. One should avoid overfilling the bag or using it at extremely high temperatures. Always ensure the bag remains sealed during cooking to maintain its steaming effect.