Using Parchment Paper Roll in Baking & Air Frying: Is it Effective?

Parchment paper rolls, like those offered by Baklicious, have gained popularity in the culinary world primarily for baking purposes. When it comes to baking, whether in traditional ovens or air fryers, the main advantage of parchment paper is its non-stick surface. This ensures that your baked goods can be easily removed without any residue sticking to the pan or the food.

Moreover, parchment paper is versatile. Beyond baking, it can be used in steamers, ensuring that food doesn’t stick to the steamer’s surface. The convenience it offers extends to both sweet and savoury dishes, including cookies and bread.

Air fryers, which have become a staple in many kitchens, benefit from the use of parchment paper as well. Using it prevents smaller food items from falling through the air fryer basket gaps and aids in easier clean-up post-cooking.

It’s essential to ensure that the parchment paper used is of high quality. Sub-par quality might tear easily or, worse, release unwanted chemicals when exposed to heat.