Using Steel Sandwich and Fruit Cutter Sets: Heart, Star, Dinosaur, Mousehead?

Kids are known to be fussy eaters. Making meals engaging can be the key to ensuring they maintain a balanced diet. This is where the steel sandwich and fruit cutter sets come into play.

Why Choose Steel Cutter Sets?

Durability: Unlike plastic counterparts, steel cutters are robust and can last longer.
Safety: With smooth edges, they ensure that the fruits, vegetables, or sandwiches are cut cleanly without any risk of injury.
Versatility: Beyond sandwiches, they can be used on a range of food items like fruits, veggies, and even dough.

Shapes Galore
The cutter set includes shapes like:


These designs are not just attractive but can also be educational. For instance, while using the dinosaur-shaped cutter, one can share fun facts about dinosaurs, making mealtime both entertaining and informative.

Usage Tips

Ensure the sandwich bread is fresh. Stale bread might crumble.
Wash the cutters immediately after use to prevent residue from sticking.
Let kids be involved in the process. They’ll love making their shapes!