WERTIOO Banneton Basket Bread: Sourdough Baking Supplies featuring Linen Cloth Liner, Dough Lame and Scraper

Master the art of sourdough baking with the WERTIOO Banneton Basket Bread kit. Designed for both novice and seasoned bakers, this kit offers the convenience of having all essential baking tools in one place.

The linen cloth liner that comes with the kit not only shapes your dough but also absorbs excess moisture, ensuring your bread has a crisp and crunchy crust. Its use further prevents dough from sticking to the basket, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your bread.

The dough lame, a special tool for slashing the dough, enables you to make precise cuts on the surface of the loaf before it bakes. This contributes to a better oven spring and a beautiful pattern on your baked bread.

Finally, the kit includes a dough scraper. This tool aids in cutting, shaping, and handling dough without any fuss. It’s handy for scraping off the leftover dough stuck to the surface you’re working on, making cleanup a breeze.

Remember, the key to achieving the perfect sourdough bread is not just in the ingredients you use, but also in the tools that assist you in crafting it. The WERTIOO Banneton Basket Bread kit is that ideal companion for your baking journey.