Dough Press Set: Empanada, Dumpling, & Hand Pie Meat Pastry Cutter

There’s no denying the joy that comes with a perfectly shaped and filled pastry. However, achieving that perfect shape can be quite tricky. Enter the Dough Press Set. This set isn’t just a simple kitchen tool – it’s a pastry game-changer.

Empanadas Made Easy: With the distinct shape of the dough press, crafting delicious empanadas becomes a breeze. Just place your filling in the middle, fold, and press.

Dumpling Delights: Dumplings are a universal favourite, but they can be fiddly. This tool simplifies that process, creating uniform dumplings every time.

Hand Pie Perfection: Whether you fancy a meat-filled treat or a fruit pie, this set ensures your hand pies are consistently shaped and sealed.

Not only does the set promise precision, but it also reduces mess, making cleanup quicker. Plus, its sturdy build ensures longevity, offering countless delightful pastries for years to come.