How to Use Stainless Steel Cake Rings for Pastries and Pancakes?

Stainless steel cake rings, often available in various sizes, have grown in popularity for numerous reasons:
Durability: Unlike plastic moulds or rings, stainless steel withstands high temperatures and does not warp or lose its shape.
Precision: Offering clean and sharp edges, they ensure that every piece, be it a mousse or pancake, is uniform and aesthetically pleasing.
Versatility: Beyond baking, these rings can be used for assembling layered desserts, shaping rice or other grains, and even for presenting fruits in a stylised manner.

Using stainless steel cake rings is straightforward. First, choose the desired size. For individual desserts like mousse, smaller rings are preferable. For larger items like pancakes, opt for bigger sizes. Once the size is decided, place the ring on a flat surface, fill or cut as necessary, then gently lift the ring to reveal the shaped content.

Tips for optimal results:

Ensure the inside of the ring is clean and dry before use.
For sticky mixtures, line the inner wall of the ring with a strip of parchment paper or lightly grease it.
When using for cutting, apply a gentle downward pressure and wiggle slightly to ensure a clean cut.