Lunch Bento Box Cutter Set: Bread, Fruit & Animal Food Accessories

Having a regular lunch can sometimes feel a tad mundane. But what if you could change that with a pinch of creativity? Our Bento Box Cutter Set is designed to do just that!

Bread Cutters: Move beyond the typical sandwich square. These bread cutters allow for shapes that captivate and enchant. Whether you’re making sandwiches for kids or just adding a twist to your own meal, these cutters make a difference.

Fruit Designs: Fresh fruit is already a delightful treat, but with our set, you can now present them in a more artistic manner. From stars to hearts, let the fruit pieces tell a story.

Animal-Themed Food Shapes: Make every meal a safari. With the animal-themed designs, create fun, edible creatures that charm the plate and its eater. It’s a unique way to introduce different animals to kids or simply to jazz up the meal.